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Katze Smaka mit Spycam Images and details
from a new perspective:
my cat’s point of view!

The only image
not taken by Smaka: “Smaka with spycam …”
… and exactly the moment, the image was taken, from Smaka’s point-of-view.

3* “Blue sky over Germany”: Smaka seems to like watching clouds, or maybe it's birds.

A cat with a view
There was Brownie the stuffed giraffe, a war casualty from a Palestinian zoo, which stared at me recently at a major exhibition. There was this story of American zoos selling pictures painted by orang-utans. And then there was my cat Smaka purring like mad when I was reading art magazines. Smaka? All of a sudden I knew: My cat wanted to tell me something, wanted to let out her depressed creativity, wanted to communicate her view of the world. There was only one thing missing: the proper tool.

Easier said than done. My usually resourceful cat could hold neither pencil nor brush. Installations were limited to particularly piled cat food tins, well oil drums were too big, really. Sculptures made of decaying mice might have made it into modern galleries would they have been pickled in formaldehyde, but it would have been discovered quickly that the idea wasn’t new.

That’s why I have chosen a camera. As light as a feather and easy to wear as a collar, it turned out to be the ideal means of expression for my creative cat.

Like everything else, Smaka's point-of-view: Backlight with black sun

3* street lamps at Ostpark (b/w)

Katzy herselfMy cat Smaka is in fact a straying cat, and for some reason she never enters a house. When I found her in the beginning of 2004, she was emaciated, frightened and the vet had to amputate a quarter of one paw and half of her tail. She definitely had made a bad experience.

But nowadays she lives a beautiful life. She likes to be in the garden or on our terrace, but sometimes she enjoys the park nearby or “is just gone”. Sometimes too long for my taste. So I decided to find out, where Smaka hangs out. I got one of those small wireless cameras and put it around her Micro-Cam m. Funkübertragung 2.4 GHz Colorneck. She even seems to like it. Now, I can experience the world from the point-of view of my cat live on my TV. Unfortunately the cruising range is only about 100 meters, but still I get beautiful photos and videos all the time. I have recorded some of it quick and dirty and made a video of it. A click at the YouTube window on the right starts the first film …

Deckchair from underneath

the 20 secs before and after the photo as a video

By the way: the stills have not been reworked neither in terms of colour, nor in terms of image detail.
Colour errors, blurring or b/w effects are the result of the wireless transmission.
Hydrangea Herb patch Man with cat

Bench, partly covered by collar. Entering Ostpark, luckily no dog in sight. On the run - dog scare.

On the way home. Sitting on the shed. Sun set.

Ostpark. By chance in b/w.


One more video.
The exciting ten minutes before feeding.

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